Question: Whom do I contact about general AUCSC website questions?
Answer: Please contact

Question: How can I nominate someone to the AUCSC General Committee?
Answer: AUCSC Committee members who wish to nominate a new member to the General Committee must submit a New Member Nomination Form with accompanying documentation to


Question: Is a full listing of courses available online?
Answer: Yes. Please visit Course Schedule to obtain a downloadable PDF file of the course schedule.

Question: Are the AUCSC text books and course presentations available online?
Answer: Yes, please visit Curriculum for this information.

Question: Are the AUCSC text books in color?
Answer: The printed text books that will be distributed at the Short Course will be in monochrome. The electronic versions of the text books that are available for download have some color.

Question: How do AUCSC attendees obtain their test scores?
Answer: When the test scores become available, a link to retrieve the scores will be added to the AUCSC website on the Online Grades page.

Question: How do I choose which courses to take?
Answer: A detailed explanation of AUCSC courses is available on the Curriculum page.

Question: Should I take Fundamentals or Basic?
Answer: The Basic Course is a slightly higher level course than the Fundamentals Course. It is geared toward full time corrosion personnel. It is anticipated that after taking the Basic Course the student will progress through the Intermediate and Advanced Courses.

The Fundamentals Course is intended for students who are not full time corrosion personnel such as:

  • Pipeline and utility company personnel who occasionally take pipe-to-soil voltages or read rectifiers as part of their job.
  • Pipeline and utility company personnel who want a basic understanding of corrosion and corrosion control.
  • Managers whose responsibilities include corrosion control.
  • Salespeople who sell corrosion control materials or services.
  • Full-time corrosion personnel who may not feel comfortable starting withthe Basic course.

Question: Are Professional Development Hours (PDHs) available for engineers?
Answer: For licensed professional engineers who need annual PDHs, AUCSC offers 16 hours for full attendance of all 2.5 days of technical sessions. Professional engineers should submit proof of their completion of AUCSC courses and a copy of the AUCSC course schedule to their state's engineering licensing board; please contact your state's engineering licensing board for specific requirements.


Question: Is AUCSC affiliated with NACE?
Answer: No.

Question: What is the AUCSC Review Course for NACE Corrosion Technician Exam?
Answer: The AUCSC Review Course for NACE Corrosion Technician Exam is a special four-hour review course for the NACE Corrosion Technician Exam, which is held on Monday during the week of the Short Course, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. The fee for taking this review course is $100, which includes a review book. The review course is offered by AUCSC and those wishing to attend should register on their AUCSC registration form.

Question: Are NACE exams offered at AUCSC?
Answer: No, NACE exams are no longer offered at AUCSC. Please visit for additional information or contact NACE at


Question: I registered for AUCSC as an exhibitor. Do I still have to register for AUCSC as an attendee?
Answer: YES. You must also register for AUCSC. Please visit the Registration page to complete the registration process.

Question: Whom can I contact for storage of exhibits?
Answer: We suggest that exhibitors contact Central Van and Storage at (304) 592-1760 to handle, store, and transport exhibits to the Mylan Park Ruby Community Center.


Question: Is transportation available from hotels to the Short Course events and classes?
Answer: Yes. Morning and evening shuttle transportation is available to and from certain hotels. Please visit the Map and Travel page for additional information.

Question: How do I get to the Short Course?
Answer: Maps and directions are available on the Map and Travel page of the AUCSC website.


Question: What is the cost to attend AUCSC?
Answer: The Registration Fee for AUCSC is $150 per person if registration is received before May 1, or $200 per person after May 1. Lunch is provided free of charge on Tuesday and Wednesday during the week of the Short Course. The costs associated with travel and lodging are the responsibility of the attendees.

Question: When does registration begin?
Answer: Online registration begins in mid-January and is open until May 1. On-site registration is available during the week of AUCSC.