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AUCSC provides voluntary testing in the Fundamentals, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. This testing provides the student feedback to determine their understanding of the material and areas where further study may be necessary.

Each exam consists of 50 questions that are taken directly from the course material. These questions are randomly selected from a database of questions for each of the courses. The exams for the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced are given on Thursday morning during the week of AUCSC in Periods 13 and 14 and run from 9:45 am to noon. The Fundamentals exam is given on Thursday morning in Periods 12 and 13 from 8:30 am until 10:45 am.

The exams use a scan sheet and are graded electronically. Scores are posted online on AUCSC's website approximately three weeks after the conclusion of the Short Course. Those students who successfully complete the exam may receive a testing certificate and letter via e-mail, as evidence of their passing the exam. There is also the option of having a letter sent to the student's supervisor.

The Sam Peabody Outstanding Student Award is given each year to the student who scores the highest cumulative score in three consecutive years of completing the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. This award is presented to the student at the subsequent AUCSC.

We encourage all students who take the Fundamentals, Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced course to take the AUCSC exams to help determine their level of understanding of the material covered.


  • All exams are open-book. However, any resources used must be printed (electronic copies are not permitted). Additional resources cannot be brought into the classroom once you have started the exam.
  • The use of calculators is permitted. However, calculators associated with a cell phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer are prohibited.
  • Please turn off all cell phones and store them in a secure place off the exam table. Any additional electronic devices are prohibited. Calls may not be taken or placed during the exam.